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Don’t Be a Medieval D!ckweed, Dude!

In the infamous words on Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan, you need to be more excellent and stop the negativity. If you can’t find the positive side of your current situation, your culture is most non-triumphant.

How Will You Spend Your 90K Working Hours?

The average American will spend 90,000 hours working in their lifetime. Not many people go into the workforce with this in mind. Usually, you set out on a path that you think is going to be fun, lucrative or make an impact in some way. But, as the years go by, responsibility overshadows idealism and

How Do I Use the WhiteBoard?

The first rule about WhiteBoard is there are no rules. The WhiteBoard should be a safe place that people can go to illustrate the good and bad ideas that are rumbling around upstairs. If you think it, you should write it – plain and simple. No idea ever did any good left in the shower.

What is a WhiteBoard? 

WhiteBoard 101: Good business is forever evolving. It is a rotating door of new ideas, trends, different personalities and straight-up necessity. A good business plan will never be “finished” unless you want it to die. While reminding yourself of your original goal, the WhiteBoard is where your business finds its personality. That is why at Team

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