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Your Brain on Sugar. Sugar worse than cocaine?

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A SLUGGISH WORKOUT Muscles need sugar for fuel, so carbs (which break up into glucose, a type of sim-ple sugar) can kick-start your morning jog. But fruit or prepackaged snacks touting “natural sweeteners” contain just fructose, which is metabolized in the liver, not the muscles. The result: bloat, or even the runs.

THE FIX A glucose-packed snack with just 4 to 8 grams of fructose—it’ll help increase glucose absorption, says Dr. Richard Johnson, professor of medicine at the University of Colorado, Denver. Try a sports drink like Gatorade or trail mix with dried fruit an hour before your workout.

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Every Man a King: Henry VIII’s Worst Affliction Is on the Rise in America

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Dr. Richard J. Johnson, a professor of medicine and head of the division of Renal Diseases and Hypertension at the University of Colorado-Denver, said there is “overwhelming” evidence that the fructose in high-fructose corn syrup–he calls it “metabolic poison”–increases the risk for gout. The use of HFCS in virtually all processed foods makes it hard to avoid, but has a great deal to do with the apparent uptick in gout cases in recent years.

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Study questions fructose role in hypertension

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Dr. Richard Johnson, a professor at the University of Colorado, Denver, who was not involved in the study, said the results are not enough to let fructose off the hook. Work by Johnson and others has implicated fructose as a factor related to the risk of high blood pressure (see Reuters Health story of July 1, 2010).

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