Cutting back on the fructose in your diet could save your life — and shrink your waistline. Table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) — the primary sources of fructose — are staples of our food supply, and are even found in foods that aren’t necessarily sweet, like breads, soups, ketchup, and salad dressing. These sweeteners are linked to health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and joint and abdominal pain. They may also increase your risk for liver and kidney diseases, premature aging, and certain types of cancer.

Based on his breakthrough research, Dr. Richard J. Johnson provides a detailed plan on how to prevent weight gain and to lose weight in two seminal books:

The Fat Switch

“Flipping the Switch for Weight Loss and Optimal Health”

In a nutshell, this is what he’s uncovered from decades of research:

Those of us who are obese eat more because of a faulty “switch” and exercise less because of a low energy state. If you can learn how to control the specific “switch” located in the powerhouse of each of your cells – the mitochondria – you hold the key to fighting obesity.

THE SUGAR FIX: The High-Fructose Fallout That Is Making You Fat and Sick offers a real solution for losing weight and transforming your health — today.

  • The Low-Fructose Diet: Reduce your consumption of fructose by up to one-half the amount in the typical American diet — and still satisfy your sweet tooth
  • The 12 Rules for Healthy Eating: Sustain a low-fructose diet for life
  • The Low-Fructose Lifestyle: Counteract sugar’s harmful effects through physical activity, sun exposure, supplements, and more
  • More Than 30 Low-Fructose Recipes: Prepare easy, delicious meals


Who is Richard J. Johnson, M.D.?

Dr. Johnson has been a practicing physician and clinical scientist for over 25 years. His research has been funded by the National Institute of Health since the late 1980s. He is a member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation and has published over 500 papers and lectured in over 40 countries. He has a special interest in the role of fructose in obesity and authored “The Sugar Fix” with Timothy Gower in 2008 (Rodale) & The Fat Switch in 2012 (Mercola). He is currently a Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado in Denver.

Visit Dr. Johnson’s faculty profile page at the University of Colorado Denver Anshuutz Medical Campus here

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